Kenny’s Dream Foundation was formed in 2014, in memory of my brother Kenny, who suffered with severe Tourette Syndrome for many years before he passed away in 2002. TS is a neurological disorder that causes involuntary movements and sounds.  It can be very difficult both physically and emotionally, so anyone living with TS and facing the world every day is a hero in my opinion. Many are bullied in schools and are misunderstood by strangers, so it can be very challenging to attend school or group functions due to the nature of the disorder.  Imagine not being able to sit still or have uncontrollable words or sounds coming out of your mouth at any given time.

There is no cure and treatment can vary and many times does not work at all. While the Tourette Syndrome Association is geared toward finding a cure and successful treatment, our foundation will help people today, living and coping with TS.

Kenny was very brilliant and wanted to attend college but unfortunately his disorder consumed him and made that dream impossible. I had been thinking of doing something to honor his name and help people with TS, but wasn’t sure what to do until I had a dream where Kenny told me “Help people be able to learn and better themselves”. So I listened, and “Kenny’s Dream” became a reality. His legacy will now only be associated with positivity and inspiration.

All proceeds go directly into helping people with TS. Only a small portion goes to administrative expenses. There are no salaries given to anyone.